Ahsan, Hasnain take fine start in Asian snooker

By our correspondent
LAHORE: Pakistan’s top cueist Ahsan Ramzan and Mohammad Hasnain Akhtar on Thursday were off to an impressive start when they downed their respective opponents from Saudi Arabia in the ACBS Asian Under-21 Men’s Snooker Championship in Riyadh.
In Group A Ahsan defeated Saudi Arabia’s Talal Alanazi 3-0 with the frames score being 80-5, 103-1 (70), 107-0 (57).
In the second frame Ahsan, also the 2023 world champion, managed a break of 70 in the second frame and 57 in the third frame.
Sohail Saeed Alzaabi of the UAE and Bahrain’s Hussain Aqeel are the others in Group A.
Meanwhile in Group E Mohammad Hasnain Akhtar downed Saudi Arabia’s Abdullah Alqabbani 3-0 with the frames score being 65-22, 71-7, 89-0. The third frame was embellished by Hasnain’s break of 52.
Thailan’s Pongsatorn Seemuen and Hong Kong China’s Langyl Ryan Li are the others in this group.
Meanwhile Group B containsIran’s Tirdad Azadipour, Kwan Chun Wong of Hong Kong China, Salman Saeed Alzaabi of the UAE and Abdulaziz Alaswad of Saudi Arabia while Group C carries Iran’s Ali Lalegani Hong Kong’s Shaun Liu, Mahendra Chouhan of India and Saudi Arabia’s Mohamad Alaswed.
The Group D comprises India’s Ranveer Duggal, Saudi Arabia’s Ziyad Alqabbani, Sri Lanka’s Mohamed Musarraf and Bahrain’s Abdulla Alaali while Group F features Iran’s Shahin Sabzi, Mattanapong Chaikul of Thailand, Saudi Arabia’s M

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