PFF headquarters: Deadlock between NC, Punjab government still persists

By our correspondent
KARACHI: The deadlock between Punjab Board of Revenue and FIFA-appointed Normalisation Committee on a single point is still continuing.
The two bodies had agreed on three points during a meeting held at Lahore a few days ago which was also attended by a senior official of the Ministry of IPC.
However credible sources told this correspondent that both NC and Punjab’s Board of Revenue was yet to reach an agreement on one point which was very complicated.
Sources said if the deadlock did not end then things could tilt towards a difficult situation which might harm Pakistan football further.
Sources said NC is trying its best to convince the Board of Revenue so that the FIFA Football House could be smoothly handed over to the NC which has been working in Pakistan as a representative FIFA’s body since September 2019.
More recently, the IPC Minister Dr Fehmida Mirza stated in a news conference in Islamabad that the PFF Secretariat would be handed over to NC within two weeks by the Punjab government.
The deadline expired on Thursday last. A few days ago, a meeting among NC, Punjab’s Board of Revenue and IPC was held in Lahore in which all parties developed consensus on most of the points.
However one point was left for further discussion. Sources said if the deadlock continues it will have a disastrous impact on the country’s football.
Sources said FIFA may impose a permanent ban on Pakistan if the handover process is delayed further because of some conditions which seem to be unacceptable for NC.
NC has been appointed by FIFA to conduct the PFF elections. It does not have the mandate of the PFF Congress and the one point on which differences have been developed between NC and Punjab’s Board of Revenue can only be resolved by the next elected PFF.
Sources said further meetings between NC and Punjab’s Board of Revenues are expected in the coming few days.
Pakistan has been suspended by FIFA in the first week of last April for the third party’s interference when Ashfaq Group took control of the PFF headquarters at the end of March and then refused to accept FIFA’s deadline for vacating the House.
On November 7, 2021, Punjab government then sealed the PFF Secretariat on the basis of lease issues.
Board of Revenue has also established its office at the PFF secretariat which has been constructed with FIFA’s massive financial support.