Aimal completes his quarantine today; joins club tomorrow

From our correspondent 

BANGKOK: Not only Pakistani cricketers have been passing through rigorous quarantine when they go abroad but the country’s players of other sports also have to pass through the process when they go abroad. One such example is Pakistan volleyball team captain Aimal Khan who is passing through a two-week quarantine in Thailand.
He will complete his 15-day isolation on Saturday (today) and will then join his club Nakhon Ratchasima on Sunday (tomorrow). Although it’s tough to get through such process but it is necessary and the protocols vary from country to country.
In Thailand too the process is a bit long and it definitely affects an individual both mentally and psychologically but there is no other option as nations are fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic which has inflicted an unprecedented damage on human life.
But Aimal Khan appreciates Thailand as he has been treated fairly during his entire isolation period.
“As a player it is tough as you are away of the ball and confined to a single room. But there is no other option and you have to follow it,” Aimal told in an interview from his hotel in Thailand where he is spending his quarantine.
Aimal is Pakistan’s leading volleyball seed and has moved to Thailand for playing Thailand Volleyball League. Recently he had a short stint in Qatar League.
“I have been staying here for the last two weeks at a five-star hotel and it’s administration is too good. They take care of me. They arrange for me dishes of my choice. In the first ten days I was limited to my room only . I used to do exercise in the morning and evening inside my room and after ten days I have been going out to a park for one hour daily where I run and do some exercises and it’s fine now ,” Aimal said.
“Today I will complete my quarantine and will join my club tomorrow. So far I have returned all my Covid tests negative and I am very happy,” Aimal said. “I have also spent isolation in Qatar but here more care is done. Yes, it’s a bit long and definitely it affects you as a player when you are away of your ball and are confined to a single room but there is no option and life is continuing ,” the spiker said. 
 Aimal is confident that he will be able to regain his match fitness within a week after he will join his club.
“InshaAllah within a week I will  achieve my desired fitness ,” he said. “After returning to Pakistan from Qatar I kept working hard at my hometown by doing hiking, training with the ball at my home ground and was using gym. Yes the difference is that it was outdoor activity which differs from indoor activity so it takes little bit time but as professional we can manage that adroitly  and adjust quickly,” he said.
He praised his club which is in constant contact with him during quarantine period.
“Yes my club contacts me daily. They told me that they can manage for me Pakistani food and will keep it sending regularly but here the hotel administration is doing great job and being a Muslim they look after me properly by managing food of my choice. When I came here the hotel administration penned down all my food choices and I have been very happy during my entire quarantine,” Aimal said. 
He stressed that Covid is dangerous and Covid tests of all the players should be conducted before the National Championship slated to be held from March 24-30.

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