Azhar Ali Shah elected as South Asian Cycling Association President

By our correspondent

KARACHI: Pakistan Cycling Federation (PCF) president Syed Azhar Shah has been elected as president of the South Asian Cycling Association (SACA) for a term of four years.
The decision was taken unanimously in a meeting held on the sideline of the Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC) general council meeting in Dubai on Monday. Azhar replaced India’s Pramandar Sindh, who served as SACA chief for the last four years.
The decision was taken to bring in Azhar as SACA chief following a lengthy debate by the members associations on the matter. Azhar was the second senior most member of the SACA and was regarded as more efficient so he was given a chance to work for the development of cycling in the region as SACA chief.
There are seven member countries of the SACA. Bhutan is not its member as there is no cycling federation in Bhutan.
As many as five member countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh attended the meeting. 
Sri Lanka and the Maldives were absent. The meeting was chaired by Parmandar Singh, who also happens to be the President of Indian Cycling Federation. In the meeting a number of matters relating to the development of sport of cycling in the region were discussed. The meeting awarded the South Asian Road Cycling Championship to Pakistan.
The Mountain Bike Championship was awarded to Nepal and the Track Championship was allotted to India for the year 2021. The four-vice-prsidents elected include Muhammad Tahir(Bangladesh), Minder Singh (India),Karunaratna (Srilanka) and a member of the Maldives Cycling Federation. 
Gopal SL Kakshapli of Nepal was elected as Secretary General of the SACA while Fasli from Afghanistan was elected as finance secretary.
Talking to this correspondent from Dubai Azhar Ali Shah said that they would plan to hold the South Asian Road Championship in between September and December this year.
“In September India is going to host a track event so we would like to hold it in between September to December,” Shah said.
He said that he would work tirelessly for the development of cycling in the region. He said the meeting was held in a good atmosphere and all decisions were made unanimously.

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