UCI extends support to PCF

By our correspondent
LAHORE: Syed Azhar Ali Shah, President of the Pakistan Cycling Federation (PCF) has said that the world cycling governing body has pledged it’s support to PCF in its efforts to promote cycling across Pakistan.
In a letter addressed to Shah the President of UCI expressed full support for PCF’s endeavors in advancing the sport within the nation.
Acknowledging concerns raised by various stakeholders, the UCI conducted a thorough examination and found no wrongdoing on the part of PCF. As a result, UCI has decided not to intervene in the internal affairs of PCF, affirming its trust and confidence in the federation’s operations.
Shah revealed that PCF has also received a letter of full support from the Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC), reinforcing the federation’s commitment to its mission despite facing challenges. Despite financial constraints, PCF has successfully organized all events as per the scheduled calendar, demonstrating its dedication to the development of cycling in Pakistan.
Mr. Shah highlighted the importance of accountability within the sport and called upon the Pakistan Olympic Association to dissolve the cycling committee formed few years ago due to its ineffectiveness. He cited a recent incident where the committee allowed a banned cyclist to participate in a race, contravening the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rules.a
PCF remains resolute in its mission to enhance the status of cycling in Pakistan and improve conditions for cyclists and coaches alike. Mr. Shah expressed gratitude to UCI and ACC for their unwavering support and called for collaborative efforts to propel cycling to new heights in the country.

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