PSL is the world’s toughest league: Imad Wasim

By our correspondent

KARACHI: Karachi Kings skipper Imad Wasim on Monday said that PSL is one of the toughest leagues of the world.

“The PSL is one of the toughest league of the world. Overseas players are all top players but the league whose domestic players are strong so that is the tough league,” Imad explained during a news conference here on Monday.

“Look how many top players of Pakistan are playing in this league. There are so many players who have not yet played for Pakistan but they are on the radar and this takes your league to a different level,” Imad said. “In CPL now there are five overseas in each team and in PSL there are four and if you see how fine local players are there. In each team three or four are Pakistan-capped and there are two emerging players which you have to play in the playing XI. If you see the ten players so they are international-capped and Pakistan-capped and that is why it is the toughest league,” Imad said.

Imad said that they are very much excited for PSL.

“We are very excited for PSL. It’s meaningful for us as you can show to the world through this Pakistan’s culture and other things,” he said.

Imad said that they would opt for positive  and aggressive postures this season of the PSL.

“My style of play is a bit aggressive than normal people. I have the experience if you go for positive options results will come to your hands. This is what we are going to do this year,” he said.

“The rivalry is no doubt is there between Karachi and Lahore and this is not among the players but between the two major cities,” said Imad, while dispelling the impression that there are also rivalry among individual players.

“Every match is a rivalry as we represent our franchise. We are professionals and we will have to give our hundred percent. We have to fight in a right way not in a negative way,” he said.

He said he will try to put in his best for his side.

“My personal goal is to put in my best in the PSL and for my franchise and I don’t think what will happen onwards. If I am able to make a place in Pakistan team so it will be good and if otherwise it will be God’s willing,” said Imad.

“I have served Pakistan with dignity. And I will do it if I will get it with dignity. If I want to serve Pakistan with pride and dignity or I will be given so dignity and pride so I will definitly, do it. League is not that important for me, Pakistan team is more important for me,” Imad said.

“When we had won PSL Babar had a massive contribution,” Imad said.

“All players are excited for PSL. Look how many players we have given to IPL and international teams. Those who click here get good contracts. Overseas cricketers try to come here and you can see major players from around the world are coming here,” Imad said.

“It makes no difference for a franchise if a players go out or come in. Franchise can bring a player from anywhere and can fill the void. No doubt a gap is there for a time being. Not to take anything from Babar what he has done for us but we have to move on and we have moved on,” Imad said.




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