Pakistan may miss World Cup Qualifiers game due to flight issue

By our correspondent
LAHORE: Pakistan’s football team failed to proceed to Tajikistan after it’s flight was cancelled on Friday.
National team had to fly out of Faisalabad for Dushanbe on Friday. However the flight’s departure got delayed twice before it was cancelled.
Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee has approached PIA for a chartered flight to take the team to Tajikistan. However it now depends on the PIA administration to respond positively to the NC.
Sources said that PIA has refused to provide jet to the team as according to it all it’s jets have been booked already.
Sources said that NC has again approached PIA as it seems inevitable to get a chartered flight.
Tajikistan had also come to Pakistan last November via a chartered flight. There is no direct flight from Pakistan.
NC spokesperson said that NC has also approached another airline.
Pakistan are to face Tajikistan in their 2026 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Group G last game at Dushanbe on June 11.
Sources said that eight members of the Pakistan team have already reached Dushanbe.

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