Footballer Fareed Ullah undergoes surgery

By our correspondent
LAHORE: Pakistan football team striker Fareed Ullah underwent a successful surgery to treat his clavicle fracture (broken collar) injury.
Fareed developed the injury during Pakistan’s away game of the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers second round against Jordan in Amman the other night.
Fareedullah broke down on the field while tackling a Jordanian defender during the 33rd minute of the match
Upon his return to Pakistan, he promptly received medical care and was transported from the airport to the hospital for necessary treatment. Following the recommendation of PFF’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Azam Khan, a scan was performed, which indicated the necessity for immediate surgical intervention. The surgery was performed by Consultant Orthopedic and Sports Surgeon Dr. Amir Sohail in Lahore.
The young forward was advised to rest and undergo rehabilitation for a period of eight to ten weeks before making his return to the field. Fareed’s comeback is subject to his successful completion of the rehabilitation programme and following the go-ahead by the medical staff.

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