PFF NC hires Spanish coach as Director Technical

Daniel Limones

From our correspondent

KARACHI: Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee has hired the services of Spanish Daniel Limones as Director Technical for the next six months.

“Today I am going to make an important announcement. We have hired the services of Daniel Limones as Director Technical for six months,” PFF Normalisation Committee chairman Humza Khan said.

“He has officially joined PFF,” Humza was quick to add.

Limones was previously associated with Spanish La Liga giants Club Atletico de Madrid and was working with the club’s academy in Lahore as head coach and academy manager. 

After having failed to meet its mandate of holding PFF elections within nine months NC has got further extension of over six months until December 31, 2020, to fulfil its obligations for which FIFA have appointed the committee.

“Appointing Daniel was not an immediate decision but once we got a suitable candidate we appointed him,” said Humza, who refused to divulge information about the privileges which the Spanish will be receiving during his stint with the PFF NC.

When asked what was the need of appointing Daniel when it is expected that in the six months no football activities would be held Humza said Daniel would prepare a blue-print and that will help in future.

“Daniel will prepare a blue-print on coaches education, events and other technical aspects of the game and when we will pass on the PFF headquarters and the road-map for football development to the elected PFF they may take help from it,” Humza said.

Limones, a UEFA Pro Licence coach, has also worked at other Spanish clubs including Rayo Vallecano. 

As PFF’s Technical Director Limones will design and execute strategies for football development.

“Although I don’t think immediate impact will come but the main point is that you start the things. Although we are for short time but we will be asked by people what we have done for football development,” Humza said.

Humza also has in his mind to extend domestic football by inserting few more tiers, holding the Premier League, completing the second tier league and launching women league.

He also is working on arranging bilateral series with foreign nations for both Pakistan’s men and women teams.

“We have communicated with some countries for the bilateral series but the situation will be clear once the COVID-19 issues will lose its ground,” said Humza, also a former Karachi United skipper.

Responding to a question Humza said that they had planned for holding elections and club scrutiny and the plan would be revisited keeping in view the current situation and then the things would become clear.

“There would be club scrutiny along with some little bit of activities. It all depends how the situation takes the turn,” Humza said.

Limones said that that Pakistan has 220 million population and he would try to prepare such a road-map which would have cohesion and uniformity.

“Pakistan has a huge population. We will try to make such a blue-print so that it could bring uniformity in the system and bring everyone on the same page. We will have to work together,” Daniel said.

Humza also conceded that the NC would try its level best to remove all hurdles which came in the way of FIFA Goal Projects functioning during the next six months.

Meanwhile the PFF Secretary Manizeh Zainli said that Director Technical was important post and they should have hired him much earlier.

“It’s a very important seat and I think we should have hired his services earlier. We have hired him for six months but the stint may go to four years if the next elected PFF extends it,” Manizeh said.

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