FIH withdraw Pakistan’s Olympic Qualifiers hosting rights

By our correspondent
ISLAMABAD: The International Hockey Federation has withdrawn the hosting of the Olympic qualifier event from Pakistan.
According to the information provided by PHF FIH, the world body, communicated this decision to the Pakistan Hockey Federation, citing non-cooperation and interference in the affairs of the Pakistan Hockey Federation as the primary reasons for the withdrawal.
FIH has withdrawn hosting from Pakistan due to serious concerns. International events necessitate government cooperation and support, provided by Pakistan’s government, the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination, and the Pakistan Sports Board. Organizing an event like the Olympic Qualifier without the Government of Pakistan’s support is impossible. Hence, the hosting of the Olympic qualifier event in Pakistan is being withdrawn.
Pakistan Hockey Federation secured the hosting rights for the 2024 Olympic Qualifier event on a global scale, marking their return to such a prestigious event since the 1990 World Cup and the 1994 Champions Trophy. PHF had been diligently preparing for this opportunity. However, it’s worth noting that India had voiced significant reservations regarding Pakistan’s role as the host for the Olympic qualifier event. Former FIH President Narendra Batra openly criticized Pakistan’s hosting decision and raised concerns regarding the state of hockey infrastructure place (NHS -Lahore).

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