Electoral list for districts elections to be made ready by Jan15, NC told senate body

By our correspondent

KARACHI: FIFA-appointed Normalisation Committee has told the senate special committee on the promotion and development of football that the electoral list for the districts’ elections will be made final by January 15, 2024.

According to sources senate committee, whose convener is senator Faisal Salim Rehman, was briefed by the NC’s members on various subjects relating to football in the country.

The committee was told that NC is working on how departments could be converted into earning entities in the light of the AFC club licensing regulations. Sources said that the senate committee also pledged that NC will be properly supported in its mission to hold fair and transparent elections of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF).

However, sources said that senate committee stressed that NC should complete its electoral process within the stipulated time-period. The committee was also briefed why Pakistan was suspended by FIFA last year. Sources said that NC informed the senate committee that 4000 plus clubs have applied for registration through FIFA Connect ID and around 2700 clubs have also been replied. However, sources said that the senate committee was told that the registration will be an ongoing process but the electoral list will be completed by January 15 and after that districts’ elections will be conducted as per the PFF Constitution Article 90. And after districts elections provincial and regional elections will be conducted. It will be followed by the PFF elections at the final stop.

Sources said that dispute resolution phase has also been started and it has been decided that a committee will conduct this process. The club’s status will be determined through different processes including an on-ground scrutiny and holding of competitions.

Haris Azmat also briefed the senate committee on the legal position of the PFF.







NC was represented by its members Shahid Khokhar, Haris Azmat and Saud Hashmi.

Sources said that this is the first time Balochistan’s 17 districts have been included in the registration list. Sources said that


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