Election process resumed: NC

By our correspondent
LAHORE: Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee on Tuesday said that the election process has been resumed.
“As many as 446 clubs in 21 districts have completed physical scrutiny during which 260 matches were organized. The election process is linked to the District Championships matches. It will help the genuine and active clubs to get the right to vote in the PFF elections,” NC said in a statement.
Saud Hashimi, head of the Pakistan Football Connect program, has said that the scrutiny process is running well.
“We can see from over 70 matches happening this past weekend alone across seven locations. Every weekend there are 100 or more matches scheduled in multiple districts across Pakistan using Pakistan Football Connect protocols to validate each player and official and to make sure each team is physically seen on the pitch by scrutiny officials. With this the election process is well underway,” Karachi-based Saud has been quoted as saying.

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