Precautionary measures in place during PSL match at Karachi

From our correspondent
KARACHI: Precautionary measures had been taken regarding the coronavirus matter during the crucial game of the HBL Pakistan Super League (HBL) 2020 between Karachi Kings and Lahore Qalandars here at the National Stadium on Thursday.
All the fans and officials had to undergo manual screening which was being conducted by a seven-member team of doctors of the District East. Dr Ashfaq headed the team, a member of the team told this correspondent. The doctors were delivering duties at all seven main gates of the venue. Through an equipment they were checking fever of the people entering the venue.
Arrangements of sanitizers had also been made at different places inside the venue to avert any fear. Commissioner Karachi the other day had already instructed the fans to adopt all precautionary measures before entering the venue.
Despite all fears Karachiites were seen thundering to the venue in large numbers. Long queues of fans were seen and there was an immense enthusiasm among them. Very few fans were seen wearing masks.
“We have no fear of coronavirus,” a young spectator told The News. “Imran Khan had said that death will come at certain time and no one can avert that,” the fan said.
Another spectator said that Karachities are very bold and they would witness all the games without any fear.
“If you keep yourself clean and offer prayer regularly God will protect you from such an unknown disease,’ Imran, a student of Karachi University said.
Ghulam Qadir, a fan from Interior Sindh, said he had no fear of this virus. “I don’t afraid of any such virus. God will protect us,’ he said.
However there were spectators who felt that safety of people was important.
“I think if there is really a danger then precautionary measures should be taken. These matches can also be held at safe cities of Pakistan if there is a huge threat of this disease,’ Saleem Khan, a businessman, said.
Doctors said that the virus cannot survive in temperature around 25 degree celcius or above.
However hours after Karachiites faced a huge blow when it was announced by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) after deep consultation with the Sindh government that the upcoming Karachi-led matches would be held in front of the empty stadium.

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