Shaheen Afridi is likely to get engaged with Shahid Afridi’s daughter

By our correspondent 

KARACHI: Pakistan’s fast bowler Shaheen Afridi is more likely to get engaged with the daughter of Shahid Afridi, a former Pakistan captain.
Shaheen’s father Ayaz Khan has said that his family has approached Shahid Afridi’s family and they have agreed and soon an engagement ceremony will be held.
Ayaz has said that both families have long standing relations.
Shahid Afridi has confirmed the approach through a tweet and has said: “Shaheen’s family approached my family for my daughter. Both families are in touch, matches are made in heaven, if Allah wills this match will be made too. My prayers are with Shaheen for his continued success on and off the field.”
Shaheen has replied: “Alhamdu Lillah. Thanks Lala for your prayers. May Allah SWT make things easier for everyone. You are the pride of entire nation.”

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