PSL debacle: Shoaib Akhtar calls for inquiry at the highest level; says Wasim should not be blamed; demands strict action against the PCB medical team

By Web Desk

KARACHI: Former Pakistan’s pacer and the world’s fastest bowler Shoaib Akhtar has asked the highest authority to conduct inquiry why a good biosecure bubble could not be created which eventually caused the postponement of the HBL PSL 2021.
Shoaib said that the inquiry should not be conducted by the BoG but by the court and its findings should be made public. He said that Wasim Khan is the only competent person in the PCB, adding, he is surrounded by incompetent people which damaged the reputation of the country. He also called for strict action against the PCB medical panel which he says is very incompetent.
“It’s very bad and disappointing news that just came out that the PSL has been cancelled,” Shoaib said on his Youtube channel. “There is no more PSL. This event cannot be done. Why? There are various reasons. What are the complaints?. Is this the time of blame game. It was the responsibility of the medical panel to fulfil its duty. It’s right that medical panel has completely flopped and strict action should be taken against it. Strict inquiry should be conducted because medical panel has not only damaged the image of Pakistan  it has also put life of individuals at risk,” Shoaib said. 
“Because of their incompetency they could not comprehend how is biosecure bubble?. The medical panel should not be spared. If you keep such people in the medical panel which no one sit them in hospital so such thing will happen,” he said. 
“A doctor was sitting in the news conference, he did not know anything. The medical panel should be given hard punishment and I request the highest authority that they played with the life of the people,” he said. 
“All blame has been put on Wasim Khan. Wasim has been told to go and face the situation. Who has brought in Wasim. He has been brought in by Mani. Where is Mani sahib,” he questioned.
“PCB is the only institution of the world no one should have any doubt about its incompetency. Only it has one individual, who is good and logical and he is Wasim Khan. He is bringing teams and keeping them in Pakistan. There is no other person who is competent enough. Is this the responsibility of Wasim Khan to look into the medical panel,” he questioned.
“I had told Wasim before to replace your medical panel by bringing in competent people in order to avert such situations. For the last 20 years these doctors have been sitting in the PCB, having big tummies. Neither they have vision, knowledge and competency nor they are ready for such a big scenario. You did not understand that you should have booked a complete hotel, or two hotels who locate opposite to each other. You can book a complete private jet but you cannot book a complete hotel, having 250 to 300 rooms,” he pointed out. “Wedding ceremonies are being held, hair is being cut and stairs are being used. Darren Sammy is coming out, Javed Afridi is making his own video. How much publicity Javed Afridi needs. I don’t understand why you breach when there is a biosecure bubble. Let come to Wahab Riaz. Are pictures so much necessary,” he said.
“Such a good environment had been created and the incident damaged the reputation of the country. Teams are coming, tours are happening and you did such a big mishap. Why it happened because you have incompetent people. Where is the PCB chairman, he has to be answerable. Court should conduct inquiry, nor the BoG,” he demanded.
“Some are going to play golf, some are conducting hair cutting, numerous models come, forty brand ambassadors come. Keep them away and cardon off the hotel. Franchises are shouting their huge money has sunk. Covid is a life threatening. You don’t have the knowledge how biosecure bubble is created. Due to their negligence such a high brand has been destroyed. You will need to bring in competent people and will have to work in advance how such a huge event is conducted,” Shoaib said. “And putting the blame on Wasim Khan is totally wrong. He is not the guy to be blamed for. What he will look. He will look foreign players, franchises, doctors, logistics, organise tours, everything is being done by Wasim Khan all alone. He has been dealing with thousands of the matters and the incompetent team around him put him in deep trouble. Where is Mani sahib. Come and answer. You have damaged Pakistan reputation by ruining the PSL. Those who have not even conducted a tap ball cricket event, are holding PSL,” he said.

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