PSL 2020 live-streaming: Rights Holder extends regrets to the PCB

From our correspondent

LAHORE: Techfront International FZE today reiterated its regrets to the Pakistan Cricket Board and sought an amicable resolution to an outstanding dispute between the parties.

In a statement, Techfront International FZE said: “Techfront International FZE acknowledges it was not proactive in obtaining prior permission from the PCB in respect of specific sublicensing and in that process it was not aligned to the spirit and provisions of the Rights Agreement with PCB with regard to HBL PSL V’s live-streaming rights.

“We have extended our regrets and apology to the PCB and look forward to their sympathetic consideration in the matter.”

The PCB said. “We appreciate the Right Holder’s apology and detailed explanation. At its own end the PCB shall put in place more stringent measures to ensure extra vigilance; enhancement of internal monitoring processes and procedures; continual issuance of clear guidelines to our partners so there is a better understanding of the dos and the don’ts.”

The PCB’s 23 March statement on this matter is available here.

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