New domestic contract system to benefit majority cricketers: Nadeem Khan

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LAHORE: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Director High Performance Nadeem Khan on Monday conceded that the new pay structure and domestic contracts would benefit 88 percent players.

“In the domestic contracts we have increased salaries. Although match-fee has slightly been slashed but overall from the new structure 88 percent players will benefit,” Nadeem told a teleconference. 

“We have made the new structure on the basis of performance plus experience. Categories have been defined. If we dig deep players in D category will face little bit loss but because this system is performance and seniority based  so people who will go to D category will go there because of their performance and experience,” the former international spinner said.

“But they have the chance to perform this season and promote to other categories. It’s a sort of incentive for juniors and because it is performance based and you will see juniors in the upper categories who performed well last season,” Nadeem said. 

“The basic purpose of the new pay structure is that previous season both juniors and seniors were getting Rs50,000 each which I think it does not happen in any field. We have tried to correct the things by introducing categories. In the off-season Rs50,000 was too less package. In the new package there are incentives for players as matches numbers will also increase and this will overcome the deficit which players could have faced due to slightly reduced match fee,” Nadeem conceded.

Nadeem stressed that in the newly introduced pay structure players will get more incentives and their annual income would increase. 

“Performance-based salaries will benefit the players. You know only two departments used to give match fee in the old system and the rest used to give only flat salaries to the players. In the current system if you combine salary and match fee then players will earn substantially on annual basis,” Nadeem clarified. 

“We have decided to hold the National T20 (first-XI) on the basis of double league system unlike in the last year in which it was conducted under single league system. The basic purpose of such an alteration is to provide an opportunity to the players to play with their full potential. This will also benefit players financially,” Nadeem said, while responding to a query.

About restricting tenure of the office-bearers of the clubs Nadeem said in the previous system a single person ruled the club for unlimited time and other people used to suffer and they were unable to remove such a person and that is why they have restricted this matter  and it will definitely help.

“Here people form clubs because of their choice and love for the game and it will not happen that once an individual who heads the club faces exit and could not return. The big issue is when a single person rules a club it obstructs new ideas,” he was quick to add.

“As far as level -I coaches are concerned so definitely we want to promote club cricket and want professional coaches to coach youth at the club level. We are going to manufacture national framework and it will relate to that,” he said. 

“You know these days there is no coaching uniformity and people use different manuals. We want to begin this uniformity from the club level so that it could lead to national high performance centre. Under one manual coaching will be done in the entire Pakistan,” Nadeem said.

“This will also create job opportunities for former players who want to do coaching. We will train coaches,” he said.

“The way we have formed three types of categories of clubs it will automatically eliminate bogus clubs. We are giving playing rights under easy conditions so a club which wants to play will get registration and those clubs who want voting rights will face tough conditions. If they don’t fulfil conditions for example you will have to practice on regular basis. If you don’t practice you will not get voting right. If you play cricket on regular basis then bogus club automatically stands finished.,” said Nadeem, while responding to a question.

“One day we will have to rectify the direction of club cricket. These days unlike in the last clubs were not practicing and so we had put such conditions. Those clubs who want to get voting rights will not face any big issue as such. If they are able to bring some sponsors as they have to pay to at least level I coach and meet some other expenses If you have qualified coach so you can also run an academy along with the club and generate revenue,” Nadeem said.

“In the entire world talent comes from clubs and school cricket. If full member clubs, who also will have ground, then we will start tournaments at the under-13 and under-16 level. And it would be a great support from the clubs. School cricket should be held on regular basis. We have also discussed college and university cricket. We are giving more importance to school and club cricket,” Nadeem said.

“We are preventing only those people from cricket politics through the new club constitution who could not run their clubs solidly. If you can run your club effectively then you can become office-bearer of your area and Association,” he said.

To a question Nadeem said if any one club can form colts teams then they can become full member. 

“As far as the gym is concerned so this is not compulsion for any club. Yes it is compulsory for those clubs who want to become full members,” Nadeem reiterated.

Responding to a question Nadeem said that 30 to  40 such clubs would become full members who would have grounds. 

“As far as implementation of model constitution so registration of the cricket association and city cricket association is in progress. Society Act is also involved in it. I cannot exactly tell you when it will be implemented. By end of December registration will be done. Once club registration will be done clubs will be given time to practice and then club scrutiny will begin,” Nadeem signed off.

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