Former PCB BoG member Nouman Butt disqualified

From our correspondent

LAHORE: Former Lahore High Court Justice Mr Justice (retd) Fazal-e-Miran Chauhan has found Mr Nauman Butt guilty of violating his undertaking and Code of Ethics for BoG Members.

As a result of the determination of misconduct by Mr Nauman Butt, he is barred from contesting elections or holding any office with any affiliated unit of the Pakistan Cricket Board for three years.
In his 24-page judgement, Mr Justice (retd) Chauhan, who was the Independent Adjudicator, wrote: “The complainant (Mr Asad Ali Khan, BoG member) and the PCB have succeeded in proving / establishing that on 17 April 2019, the respondent (Mr Nauman Butt) had violated the Code of Ethics applicable to the Members of the BoG, PCB. “He disrupted the 53rd BoG meeting and did not allow the BoG to proceed with its agenda for that meeting. “It is established on record that holding press conference by the respondent, otherwise, also in violation of the undertaking given under Para 18 of the PCB Constitution and Para 5.1 of the Model Constitution of the Regional Cricket Association. 

“The Respondent also violated the bye-laws of the PCB by showing confidential documents to media. “He is found to have violated the Constitution, Rules (Code of Ethics), undertaking … and … shall deemed to be immediately disqualified and ceased to be an office-bearer / Member of the Association. He is also barred for three years from contesting elections or becoming a member, office-bearer of any association, club, organization, managed, monitored, controlled or affiliated to the Board.”

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