Fifty percent spectators to witness Karachi leg remaining PSL matches

By our correspondent

KARACHI: After getting the nod from the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have decided to invite 50 percent crowds for the remaining Karachi-leg matches of the HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2021.

However the decision to further make an increase in the number of crowds for Lahore leg and play-offs will be made after closely monitoring the situation and how fans follow the Covid protocols.

Until Wednesday only 20 percent crowd was allowed to witness the live action of the country’s marquee T20 blast here at National Stadium. The PCB thanked the NCOC for allowing the Board to invite more fans. 

“We are most grateful to the NCOC for allowing the PCB to allow up to 50 per cent of spectators for all remaining preliminary round matches and up to 100 perecent spectators for the play-offs and final,” the PCB Chief Executive Wasim Khan said.

“As a starting point, we have decided to immediately increase crowd attendances for all Karachi-leg matches to 50 per cent. However, we will continue to assess how the crowds follow and implement the SOPs before we make a decision on crowd attendances for the Lahore-leg matches,” Wasim was quick to add.

“Therefore, additional tickets for Karachi-leg matches will now be available for purchase online at the and through help Bookme helplines this evening from 10pm,” he said.

“For the Lahore-leg matches, at this stage 20 per cent tickets per match day are available for sale. Additional tickets will be made available as and when we decide to increase the capacity, in line with the NCOC approval,” the Chief Executive said.

“As Chief Executive of the game’s governing body in Pakistan, it is my responsibility to urge and request all spectators attending the Karachi and Lahore-leg matches to come to the venues wearing masks, maintaining social distancing at all times and regularly using hand santisers. This is not only for their personal health and wellbeing, but also for those other spectators around them. Come and watch, but stay safe and keep others safe.” he said.

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