England tour: Reserve players tested for Covid-19; Rohail added as back-up stumper

From our correspondent 

LAHORE: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) today confirmed five reserve players and a backup player support personnel have undergone Covid-19 tests.

The PCB said the five players who were tested are Bilal Asif, Imran Butt, Mohammad Nawaz, Musa Khan and Rohail Nazir along with masseur Mohammad Imran.

Bilal, Imran, Nawaz and Musa were originally named as reserve players on June 12 when the 29-player squad was announced, while Rohail has been added as a backup wicketkeeper, the Board informed.

“On Thursday, 18 players and 11 player support personnel underwent second round of tests, while the 10 players and one player support personnel, who had tested positive earlier in the week, will be retested on Friday,” it added.

The PCB will announce outcomes of all tests on Saturday and until then will not make any further comment, the Board said.

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