Cricket Committee satisfied with men’s central contract list

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KARACHI: The PCB Cricket Committee met on Wednesday via video link under the chairmanship of Iqbal Qasim. It was the second meeting of 2020 for the group.

The group discussed the appointment and review process for the appointment of the six Cricket Association and High Performance Centre coaches.

The Chairman of the Committee agreed to form a sub-committee, which will work closely with Director – High Performance to create a criteria and performance evaluation process for the coaches.

The committee also had a discussion on the participation of departments in the 2020-21 season. It was agreed that the committee will provide its suggestions, which will be forwarded onto the PCB management for consideration.

In addition to the above, the cricket committee was apprised of the appointment process and responsibilities of Director – High Performance (who attended the session on special invitation), PCB Men’s Central Contract List for 2020-21 and also received updates on women’s and domestic cricket by Urooj Mumtaz and Haroon Rashid, respectively.

“The agenda for the quarterly meeting was in line with areas that required discussion and to get engaging feedback from all members of the Cricket Committee. On department cricket in 2020-21 season, it remains a work in progress and the committee will shortly forward its thoughts to the management,” the committee chairman Iqbal Qasim said.PCB Cricket committee

“The PCB Cricket Committee was overall satisfied with the PCB Men’s Central Contract 2020-21 list and was impressed with the concept of the Emerging Player’s Category as well as elite category in domestic cricket in which leading performers, who are unable to break into the central contracts, will be included. This will further motivate the youngsters and help uplift and improve the quality of our domestic cricket.”

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