PBF general council endorses the federation’s elections; AIBA hopes PBF will conduct fresh elections

By our correspondent 

KARACHI: Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF) General Council on Wednesday endorsed the January 24 elections of the federation and rejected the AIBA letter in which the world boxing governing body had rejected the PBF elections.

After going through every aspect of the issue deeply the general body found no issue in the electoral process and endorsed the January 24 PBF elections. It also advised the PBF chairman to write to AIBA and request the world body to review its letter sent to the PBF a few days ago and remove the discrepancies in the letter and recognise the PBF elections held in January. 

A senior official of the PBF told this correspondent that the PBF is writing a letter to AIBA on Wednesday night in which the world body will be requested as advised by the general body.

“If still our elections were not recognised then we will contest it at various forums,” the official said.

The meeting, which was held in Lahore,  was chaired by the PBF chairman Lt General (retd) Muzammil Hussain.

Meanwhile AIBA hoped that the PBF would conduct the elections within three months under the control of AIBA, otherwise the matter would be referred to the AIBA Board of Directors. 

“AIBA Head Office evaluated a situation with the elections in the Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF) held in January 2021. At the AIBA’s disposal was all necessary information, including protocol of the minutes of the general council meeting.  Based on this evaluation, AIBA came to the conclusion that the elections, prima facie, were held in breach of Article 11.1 (e) of the AIBA Constitution, according to which each National Federation (NF) is obliged “democratically elect or appoint its officers and executive body in accordance with its constitution and generally recognized democratic and good governance principles”,” AIBA told this correspondent.

“Considering the above, AIBA kindly requested PBF to hold new elections under control of AIBA and with participation of AIBA observer. If this request will not be respected and no elections will be held within threemonths upon the request, then the issue will be submitted to the AIBA Board of Directors (BoD). Please note, it is exclusive competence of the BoD to suspend NF’s and no decision was taken on this issue at the moment,” AIBA said.

“AIBA expects cooperation from PBF and hopes for a soon normalization of the current situation in PBF,” AIBA said.

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