Pakistan’s pro boxing event likely to be delayed due to COVID-19

From our correspondent 

KARACHI: The COVID-19 is also more likely to force the organisers of the Pakistan Professional Boxing League to delay the event which earlier had been planned for October-November this year.

The commitment regarding the inaugural edition had already been made between Pakistan Professional Boxing League (PPBL) and Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF) last winter.

And the PBF senior official also feels this.

“The way the COVID-19 situation continues personally I think the league will not be possible this year,” PBF Secretary Col Nasir Tung said.

But Nasir was quick to add that they would like to hold an online meeting of the league managing committee to discus the way forward.

“You know COVID-19 situation is unlikely to subside until the end of this year and we cannot just stay idle. We would discuss this in the meeting what should we do in near future. You know there is a lot of work to be done. We talked today and would let you know when we will hold a meeting,” Nasir said.

“Six teams will be featuring in the first edition and auction of boxers and so many other related matters would be dealt with. And already we have lost the first half part of this year as July begins tomorrow and the things are not clear,” Nasir said.

“I think if we go after the situation will ease still it may not be held this year but I think it would likely to be held in the first quarter of next year. Such a window will be sought when there will be no international commitment,” Nasir said.

The league would be conducted under AIBA professional boxing rules and regulations.The league would also carry foreign boxers,  all from Asia.

“In the first edition we want every franchise carries 20 percent foreign boxers and the rest would be local lot. We would try to start from South Asia and some countries of Asia like Jordan, may be some boxers from central Asian countries depending on their demand of money van be purchased,” Nasir said.

“We needed such a step as it would help our boxing in the long run,” the official said. The logo of the league had formally been unveiled in February this year. Latter bylaws were framed and it had been decided that in July-August details about franchises would be unveiled and in October-November the league would be formally launched.

About resumption of international activities Nasir said they have got nothing new from AIBA.

“The situation is frozen. No fresh news from AIBA,” Nasir said. The PBF recently conducted an online event in which some fine product, mostly from remote areas, was also identified besides checking fitness of the elite boxers and giving fitness training advices to the young lot.

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