Online event: Boxing coach sees solid talent

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KARACHI: Pakistan’s boxing head coach Arshad Hussain has claimed that he has come across some solid young talent after watching videos of around 80 boxers during the Pakistan Open Shadow Boxing and Fitness Challenge 2020 concluded on Wednesday.

“It turned out to be a useful exercise as through minimum resources a highly productive event was organised online and I have seen some solid talent after analysing around 80 videos which I have received,” Arshad said.

“I have seen three female from Karachi who are exceptionally well. A couple of Male boxers from Badeen are good and so I have seen come boys in Sargodha and Faisalabad,” said Arshad, also a former Olympian.

“The best part of the exercise is that fine and hidden product was seen. This product had no access to the mainstream before this online episode,” Arshad said.

“It was a good idea. A huge number of videos have also been received by the federation and are being analysed. A committee will be formed which will cross-check the items and then we will discuss which talent should be taken under our wings,” Arshad said.

“We will also verify whether the talent which we have seen and needs to be worked on have given us actual and right information about their age or not. We also have the option to visit their areas and check them,” Arshad said.

“You know we need young boxers in both genders who could serve Pakistan in future. And amid COVID-19 this was the most proper method which we could apply to track the boxers and teach them how to make themselves fit,” Arshad said.

In the process under-15, youth and elite categories boxers were checked.

However he was quick to add that the exercise mainly was for tracking new talent and it was highly successful.

About fitness of the elite athletes Arshad said they were good enough.

“They were good and have kept their fitness in the lockdown,” Arshad informed.

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