New plans, strategies needed to promote boxing: ex-boxer

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KARACHI:  Former Asian Games silver medallist boxer Zaigham Maseel on Friday opposed the idea from different Pakistan’s boxing experts which say that national pugilists should be sent to any strong boxing country for training.
“I want to bring a few things in your notice. Firstly the  people are confusing each other. Usually, most of our boxing lovers give the statement in their interviews that our national boxing team should be sent for training tour to a strong country. Sorry to say it is wrong now,” Zaigham told The News.

“Unfortunately, they don’t have experience, game knowledge, and sense of coaching,” Zaigham was quick to add. “Actually, they’re just quoting the message of previous people instead of observing the present condition of our available boxers, their behaviour, interest, commitment, psychological and mental level,” he said.“Here I would like to ask you an easy question. Let me know, can a 10-year old weak boxer (having weak muscles, low level of coaching, weak character and personality) able to fight or train with a very strong 20- year old boxer from a developed country especially at his home,” Zaigham questioned.

“We are very young in boxing as compared to the developed countries of the world. The above is the demand of our boxing lovers,” he said.“Can a sensible person put his goat in front of a lion in his cage,” he questioned.“I agree with them that our boxers should be sent abroad for training tour but not now with our immature coaching. Even the coaches don’t have their control on the boxers in national team,” the three-time South Asian Games gold medallist said.

“No doubt, few people are struggling and they want to promote boxing in Pakistan by developing strong provinces and national teams of the game. And they are putting their best efforts honestly, but they should not give such statement without considering the all concerned issues,” Zaigham said. He said a lot of measures are required to be taken prior to send the team for abroad training. “The same statement has already been given by many other stupid people in different times. We should study our strong and weak areas first, with having knowledge of coaching, psychological aspects and behaviour of our boxers,” he said.

“Secondly we need sensible and educated persons to support us physically and morally,” he said.“I have one question for the present members of national federation, what they have new in their mind through which we can predict about the future of our game in Pakistan,” Zaigham said.“We have to bring new plans, new strategies and new route for working by targeting the strong teams of the world,” he said.“An educational wing or committee should be established in the national federation for leading and guiding the all concerned people accordingly. The committee should convey the latest knowledge to the all units of the federation and deal with the ethical concerns issues,” Zaigham suggested.

“A competent referee/judge commission is required. Politically strong team is also required to play their role at international level. After Prof. Anwar Choudhury, India worked on it and now they have a very strong grip in AIBA. Sri Lanka is more stronger than us at international level in AIBA. Prof. Anwar Chowdhry and Major Abdur Rasheed had a noteworthy political control in AIBA for 20 years,” Zaigham pointed out.

“An educated and honest selection committee is required for selection of the best team and effective reward system should be introduced. Media team is also required for the support of developing awareness of the game and generate funds for running the system of the federation,” Zaigham said.He said a coaching commission is required.

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