Dr Siddiq Patni holds meeting with PBF Jehangir Riaz Group senior officials

By our correspondent

LAHORE: Former first-class cricketer and Sindh Boxing Association (SBA) Jehangir Riaz Group president Dr Siddiq Patni held marathon meeting with the Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF) senior officials including Sharjeel Butt and Tariq Gujjar.

In the meeting, which was also attended by Ali Wakeel, various matters relating to boxing promotion came under deliberation. It is pertinent to mention here that these bodies belong to the PBF Jehangir Riaz Group. Dr Siddiq Patni’s efforts for the promotion of boxing were appreciated during the meeting.

Patni was presented the PBF souvenir. Patni also gave away Dr Siddiq Patni Academy shirts to the hosts. Patni has established Dr Siddiq Patni Boxing Academy and Patni claims he has held a record 24 events inside two months which also include courses for referees/judges. PBF officials also appreciated the work being done by Sindh Boxing Association (SBA). Patni said All Karachi event will be conducted on Wednesday, adding, next Sunday a nine-district event in the name of All Sindh Gold Cup will be held in Mirpurkhas. Patni said that from June 21-24 Sindh-Balochistan boxing series will be conducted in Quetta.