Pakistan played like street cricketers

By Sadiq Mohammad (Former Test opener)

I am really disappointed by the way Pakistan lost to England in the second T20 at Leeds. Nobody tried to settle down except Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan. All other  batsman were aiming to hit sixes rather than to build the innings with judicious approach and discipline.
It was indeed a very poor performance from the Pakistan team. They played like street cricketers after taking such a fine start to the series by sealing an emphatic win in the opener the other day.
The 201 target was actually not a difficult one to chase it down. The top order needed to show grace and discipline. Again I think Misbah-ul-Haq should have instructed the incoming batsmen like Azam Khan to survive 30 balls out of 54 remaining deliveries. But he tried to hit six off the first ball he received before playing a reverse sweep. Azam was trying his best to get himself out.
As the series now levelled 1-1 Pakistan will need to demonstrate discipline in their batting and apply the upper chamber to win the series to avert further criticism.

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