Dr Siddiq Patni Boxing Academy summer camp concludes successfully

By our correspondent

KARACHI: Dr Siddiq Patni continues to remain in hot news with his fine work for the promotion of boxing in Sindh. He held a 15-day summer camp here at the Dr Siddiq Patini Boxing Academy in Lyari which concluded successfully on Sunday.

In the camp 60 kids were put initially and after five days of rigorous training the number of boxers were reduced to 40 who were imparted quality training for the remaining ten days under the supervision of top level coaches with AIBA qualification.

Siddiq Patni, also a former first-class cricketer and herbal medicine doctor, distributed gloves, cash awards and certificates among the kids. The coaches and referees/judges were also honoured with the awards. The 40 kids, who successfully completed the summer camp, were also registered for the Dr Siddiq Patni Academy. “It was a well-conducted camp, quality training was imparted to the kids and it would help the youth to start building their boxing skills,” Siddiq Patni told this correspondent.

He said All Karachi event will be conducted next Sunday in which clubs from Karachi will be invited. He said that a Sindh team would be built through this exercise and a series of cross tours in between the teams of the interior Sindh and Karachi would be conducted. Patni said that their team would also visit Quetta for a series to be held from June 21-24.

“We are committed to build Sindh boxing . There is an immense talent in Sindh at the grassroots level and we are up there to bring in the top kids to our academy and work on them under quality coaches and prepare them for the national duty in future,” Patni said.

Siddiq Patni has ambitious plans to raise the standard of Sindh boxing in particular. The man, with strong links both at home and abroad, also is mulling an option to give extensive international exposure to his kids. Having contributed a lot to boxing development when Anwar Chowdhry was the president of the Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF), Siddiq Patni deserves a top post in the PBF as he has the skills and influence to play an effective role in Pakistan’s boxing.